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Ethics everywhere

JLL commits to adopting a company culture which comprises and promotes thorough principles of professional ethics at every level of activity

Ethical principles are intrinsic to our values, our mission and our strategy. They guide all of our interactions with our clients, suppliers and employees.

The Board of Directors and the general management of JLL take these responsibilities very seriously, both with regard to themselves and to the  organisation.  

Code of Business Ethics

Code of Business Ethics (English)

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To make a report in any major language:

Employees who point out to us, in all good faith, a violation of our Ethics Code or who ask questions about this, will not be subject to any reprisals in connection with this. Reprisals, retribution and harassment are strictly forbidden with regard to any employee who has, in good faith, asked questions or communicated his or her concerns regarding our Ethics Code.​​

“World’s Most Ethical Companies” List

For the seventh consecutive year JLL appears among the ‘world’smost ethical c​ompanies’, as established by the Ethisphere Institute. This American organisation ranks companies which stand out for their commitment to adopting ethical professional pr​​​actices in relation with their results and their profitability. The list includes 100 companies based in over 100 countries and operating in 36 different sectors of activity. They have been selected from thousands of candidate companies and a record number of nominees​ 

JLL is honoured to have been awarded the Ethics Inside 2014 certification from Ethisphere Institute​ 

2013 Ethics Inside CertificationJLL is among the highest classed companies in terms of company ethics as a result of its exceptional culture encouraging ethical professional practices among its employees and its management teams​.

Our full page ad in Ethisphere Magazine announcing 2012 Ethics Inside Certification 

Vendor Code of Conduct

JLL expects each of its suppliers – the whole of the supplier company and each individual – which supplies a product or service either directly to JLL or indirectly to its clients as a sub-contracting company, to share and subscribe to the spirit and the letter of our commitment to adopting honest practices. Although our suppliers are independent entities, their professional practi​​ces can have a substantial impact on us, our reputation and our brand. As a consequence of this, we demand of all suppliers that they adhere to the Code of Conduct for Suppliers to JLL, which can be consulted via the link below. Any violations of our Code of Conduct for Suppliers can be reported on our world hotline dedicated to questions of ethics​.

Vendor Code of Conduct - English

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