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We attempt to create value in a world which is in continuous movement. 

We are responsible for the social, environmental and economic consequences of our activities. We develop the policies and practices of our profession by placing the values of our corporate governance at the head of our concerns, along with transparency in carrying out our profession, and our ethical principles. We support all aspects of sustainable development. One domain, however, is particularly close to our hearts. We have the opportunity to minimise the impact of real estate on the environm​ent and we have the skills to do this. Our objective is to ensure that commercial real estate has a positive impact both within and outside our sector of activities. 

Please visit our sustainable development pages​ for more information. To view our professional code, click on this link​.

We have committed both for ourselves and for our clients to be the leader in terms of environment and energy management in the commercial real estate market.

We create and maintain a beneficial and welcoming working environment for our employees across the world. We attempt to attract and retain the most talented people by encouraging and helping them to succeed.

We create a polyvalent environment which takes benefit from the richness of our differences and which reflects the diverse nature of the world in which we work. We actively cultivate a mix of persons and ideas, which expands our capacities for service offerings along with the domains in which we operate.

Good citizens wherever we work

We are proud of our international reputation for intransigence in terms of questions of ethics and of corporate governance. Our Commercial Code of Ethics and our Professional Code of Ethics are followed by our employees and by every person who works on behalf of the company. We are also proud of the thoroughness and quality of our corporate governance and the benefits this brings to our shareholders.

​Our Commercial Code of Ethics helps our employees to better understand the duties and responsibilities allied to correctly carrying out their profession within JLL. The Code contains sections on responsibilities with regard to clients, trade partners, shareholders, and the public and governmental bodies of those countries in which we carry out  our activities. Our Directors, members of the Board, fully support our Code and take care to ensure that all our actions are conform to ethical rules. Reports on potential violations of this code can be signalled on our international hotline dedicated to the respect of our ethical charter, 24 hours and 7 days.