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Case Study

Project & Development Services - Brussels - Commerzbank - Arsenal

Commerzbank - Arsenal - BrusselsCOMMERZBANK
Arsenal Building – 3rd floor
Boulevard Louis Schmidt 29
1040 Brussels

Area : 2.000 m²

The Commerzbank was occupying a building along the same main road. They wanted to reorganize the office layout due to the fact that they were dispersed over 5 levels. The different entities within the bank needed to have separate zones.

A whole level in the building was rented and the office layout was made in close collaboration with the local staff and the real estate division in Frankfurt. Special attention was given to the access control and transparency of the partitions. The client meeting room and managers offices were built following high esthetical and acoustical performances.

The contractors finished the biggest part of the works end of 2008 and the client occupies the offices since the beginning of 2009. The exchange of information and the collaboration between the different teams has improved.

For more information, please contact Eric Orban ( +32 2 550 25 29)

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