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Case Study

TNT Innight chooses Zandvoorstraat 16 thanks to JLL Industrial

TNT Innight chooses Zandvoorstraat 16 in MechelenOwner : MONTEA
Size and type :
Warehouse 11.923m²
Offices: 396m²

The site is ideally situated in Mechelen. It is located on the axis Antwerp – Brussels, and benefits from direct access to the E 19 motorway, with excellent connections to the Antwerp Harbour and Brussels Airport. Mechelen is an ideal location for national and international distribution activities.
Due to the major increase in volume during the last years, TNT Innight was looking for a new site to replace their existing site in Mechelen-Zuid.
The site needed to be located close to Mechelen and required enough loading docks.
First of all Jones Lang LaSalle analyzed the exact needs of TNT Innight and identified a list of possible locations in and around Mechelen.
After several site visits in and around Mechelen, it was MONTEA that could eventually satisfy TNT Innight by providing a customized solution with the required loading zone in a part of their existing building in Mechelen-Noord.
For more information regarding this transaction, please contact Walter Goossens (+32 2 550 25 25) 

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