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Case Study

Meiko settles in the Industrieweg, Grobbendonk, thanks to the JLL Industrial Leasing team

Meiko settles in grobbendonkOwner : VWPM
Tenant : MEIKO
Size and type : Warehouse: 12.045m²

The site is located at the new containerterminal of DP WORLD in Grobbendonk on the E34/E313 axis in the East of Antwerp. The containerterminal provides container-shipments from and to the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam. 

MEIKO was looking for a new warehouse to replace their existing site in Schelle.
The site needed to be located on the E34/E313 axis towards the East of Belgium and Germany. A waterway connection was a plus.

First of all Jones Lang LaSalle analyzed the exact needs of MEIKO and identified a list of possible locations.

After screening several possibilities, it was VWPM that could eventually satisfy MEIKO by providing a turnkey, state-of-the-art logistic solution on the right axis, with waterway connection in Grobbendonk.

For more information, please contact Walter Goossens​ (+32 2 550 25 25)​

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