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Real Estate Consulting

Receive relevant information for long-lasting and effective decisions

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The real estate consultant: your strategic right hand man for real estate questions

In a world in which the strategic decisions of a company are more and more critical for its future, in an economic environment subject to change and in which flexibility and proactivity are essential, it is vital for a company to adjust its real estate situation to the reality of its economic model.

Whatever the size of your assets and whether you are a tenant or an owner in Belgium or abroad, JLL and its numerous real estate consultants are at your disposal to respond in a professional manner to the strategic real estate stakes of your company.

A few examples of consultancy in property management:

  •  Is the size of your premises suited to encouraging the development of your company?
  • Reducing property costs: are your costs in line with the average for the sector and with market standards? Should you rent or buy a commercial property?
  •  Is the interior layout​ and furnishing of your premises likely to attract new talent and encourage the team-work necessary to the development of your company?
  •  Where should you locate your new ​​​​premises following a decision to expand?
  •  What are the estimated costs for moving your company offices, warehouses or retail space in Belgium or abroad?
  • Can you benefit from fiscal advantages in Belgium, such as deductions for investment costs? 

These are just some of the questions to which our Corporate Solutions team, composed of real estate consultants, can supply you with specific answers, suited to your requirements and leading you to effective and proactive decisions. 

Our 'Consulting' service calls upon the experience of a team of professionals active in the world of commercial real estate for more than 20 years. These experts bring together skills in property valuations with up to date technical and financial knowledge. 

We offer you a real partnership, offering you a made to measure service based on very high quality professionalism.