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“Sale & Leaseback” Transaction

Partner with the best real estate expert in order to sell under the best conditions and in the shortest time

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Sale & Leaseback: sell and become tenant

Your company owns offices, retail space, warehouses or any other type of property and, as owner, is considering selling the property. There are two alternatives open to you:

  • either you decide to dispose of your asset, in which case our principal objective will be to optimise all the parameters of the sale
  • or you decide that you wish to sell your asset but remain in it as a tenant, in which case our main objective will be to optimise the sale and obtain the best rental conditions from the new owner

​The first option requires identifying a buyer wishing to acquire your premises either for his own occupation or to renovate or reconstruct it with a view to occupying it or putting it on the letting or sales market. 

The second option involves a transaction known as Sale & Leaseback, sometimes known for short just as Leaseback.

​The advantages of Sale & Leaseback

This formula has been meeting with increasing success for a number of years with many Belgian and international companies wishing to sell their real estate assets. The advantages of Sale & Leaseback are numerous, but we will concentrate on the following three:

  • it enables capital invested in your company's building to be mobilised (​capital often invested for many years)
  • it help to pay off debts and thus improve the company's balance sheet
  • it enable​s a departure from your building at some point in the future to be scheduled calmly

​​​A different approach, different expertise

​These two types of operation require excellent knowledge of the markets, both real estate and financial. The approach will in fact be different within the context of a 'pure sale' from that within the context of a 'Sale & Leaseback'. The type of buyer, the presentation of the asset to be sold, information to be supplied to the potential buyer will be very different according to the option you choose.

The first option implies a 'real estate approach' while the second implies a 'financial approach'. For in this second case your asset becomes a financial product generating revenues for the buyer. The determination of the rent, the type of buyer, setting the lease contract length, lease conditions, all of these elements will impact on the sale price of your​​ building.

​With more than 40 years' experience, our 'Corporate Solutions' team, leader on the Belgian market, is positioned as the best partner for such an operation. Our team of real estate transaction consultants will without any doubt respond to all your questions and identify the best options for achieving your objectives. ​