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Workplace Strategy

Motivating teams by providing them with inspiring workspace, encouraging collaboration and communication

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Workplace Strategy or ​how to improve the performance of your company

​Your company is evolving in an environment which is ever more competitive and complex.

Your challenges are innovation, cost control, technological mutation and inter-generational transition?

You have to constantly reinvent yourself and approach working methods differently in order to continue to perform effectively. We are convinced that transforming the working environment is one of the most effective responses to these economic issues.

This optimisation of factors impacting on the efficiency and performance of work management within your company has become a powerful lever which is very often underexploited.

Based on this observation and on our worldwide experience, JLL has developed the Workplace Strategy​ ​service.

​Re-thinking workspace in order to make your company run more smoothly

This program consists of undertaking an overall and forward-thinking reflection process which encompasses the real estate dimension along with your strategic challenges, managerial and human resources, technological and operational dimensions.

Well thought-out, new working environments can directly contribute to making your organisation smoother, more rapid and better performing. The 'new generation' workspace as it is called encourages the deployment of new management methods and enables innovation to be speeded up.

Setting up a Workplace Strategy program requires:

  • Working in direct liaison with the Board in order to set out a strategic vision and bring this to members of staff
  • But also involving middle management and – ideally – the personnel, within a participation model.

​A 'Work Environment Charter', a lever for better performance

​This service enables you to establish a 'Work Environment Charter' which can be applied at site, country or more global level.

The Charter can either be an obligatory work of reference, or a more flexible tool able to be amended according to specific cultural elements and local professions and trades.

This is a very powerful institutional tool, enabling you to transmit a common culture and practices throughout your company, while also enabling you to keep costs under control and rationalise your real estate.

​To conclude, setting out a Workplace Strategy is nothing less than equipping yourself with a lever for transformation, for organisation, for management and for finance, which will improve the performance of your company.