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Office Leasing Agency

A real estate agency with a vast experience in letting and sales of office properties throughout Belgium.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Enhance the profitability of your property thanks to a marketing plan in line with your objectives

We know that as a building owner one of the most important factors is marketing your empty space, whether this involves a complete building yet to be delivered or space which becomes vacant in an existing building. Finding a tenant for your offices is an absolute priority… but not just in any manner.

Our team of 22 persons, specialised by geographical zone (Brussels, Antwerp, Namur, Wallonia, Flanders…) and by type of asset, enables you to benefit from its knowledge of buildings, the market and companies in order to best position your asset and define your target market.

JLL is the only agent to offer real national coverage and to offer the services of its 'Information Management' department, managing all the information about the office property market on a daily basis, in close collaboration with our Research (Expertise) department.

We set up effective marketing plans which make the most of the strengths and opportunities of your property, taking your priorities into account.

Our team also assists you in conducting your negotiations so that each party feels it has transacted a quality operation.

​Trust communication professionals to market your property

Do you wish to use the services of a property professional for the marketing of your buildings, so that you can focus on your core business?

From a brochure to an internet site, you can count on our 'Property Marketing' team made up of persons from communications agencies, in order to present your buildings in their best light.

From the organisation of your calls for tenders, through the choice of agencies to the organisation of events or the drawing up of briefings, put your confidence in our team to establish an innovative real estate marketing plan suited to your needs.

To summarise, our Property Marketing team is at your side on a daily basis to ensure that your marketing strategy is a real lever for performance.​