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Retail Leasing Agency

Your challenges generally have consequences for real estate

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A real estate agency specialising in retail space

​Retail is a sector of activity which is constantly changing. New consumer trends, the growth of e-commerce, the strategies of national and international retailers for conquering markets, the renovation of out of town shopping centres, the development of new urban and city centre concepts are just some of the challenges you have to face up to and which generally have consequences for real estate:

  • Which location to choose for your future retail unit?
  • How to make the most of your retail unit?
  • How to get help in drawing up and ensure the follow-up a retail brand strategy?
  • How to optimise your real estate costs and evaluate the best quality/price ratio?
  • How to optimise your acquisition strategy and your shopping centre portfolio? Rent, sell or buy now?
  • How to translate your retail brand strategy into the fit-out of your retail units?​

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Sell your retail space, shop or boutique with the experts from JLL

To respond to all of these questions, JLL has a multi-disciplinary team of experts specially dedicated to retail assets, guaranteeing you a real understanding of your issues.

By combining their total knowledge of the real estate markets with technical, financial and legal skills, our team guarantees you an overall analysis of your situation and relevant operational recommendations.

​The integration of our Belgian retail team at a European level enables us to assist you with the same quality of service for your international projects. We are present in 62 countries and have studies and comparative analyses available at national, European and worldwide levels.