3 solutions to optimise
your real estate

Rethink the purpose of your office today to
prepare for the future.

The world of work is undergoing a (r)evolution: digital investment, new ways of working, workplace transformation. These are the typical topics when defining your real estate strategy, and even more so since the Covid-19 outbreak. Companies need to adapt and reinvent themselves for the long term, including and especially in their physical space. In the face of these uncertainties, one conviction: tomorrow will not be the same as yesterday.

Rather than simply reverting to ways of the past, reimagine your offices and your ways of working to improve collaboration and productivity and to create a better human experience for your talent. 

Whether you are a start-up or a large group, those companies who seize the opportunities, that are undeniably available in today’s property market, will have a distinct competitive advantage when the economy returns to normal. Now is the time to assess your physical space from a strategic point of view and to prepare the implementation of your real estate project. Take advantage of this momentum!

Opportunities to seize ± 135 properties

Brussels Region, Vlaams-Brabant & Brabant Wallon

3 fields of action in which to work today to build the future of your organisation:

The Productivity field

Are you happy with your current offices?

The role of the office adapts to our challenging world. Choose your priorities carefully. In this reflection on the best combination of workplaces, the human factor is important, including the performance and retention of talents. The right physical space is equally important: location, m², accessibility, layout, technology, sustainability...

The Financial field

Your real estate assets are a strategic lever for your performance plan. Companies need to manage the cost, efficiency and performance of the real estate they own and occupy.

A free 360° audit of all property related costs will assist in optimising assets and will enable you to make the right decision to implement the best real estate solution for you whilst saving costs.

The Workplace field

Is your office fit for the future? A future-proof work environment is not only safe and secure, but also sustainable. 

The redesign of your workspace offers you a unique opportunity to implement a simple, costeffective and sustainable workplace fit-out with an innovative design and enables you to meet your ESG objectives whilst increasing productivity and creativity. JLL accompanies you through all the steps to redesign a new workspace.

How to reduce your costs?

How can you optimise your operating expenditure or cash position?
Does the rent you pay correpsond with market benchmarks or should your lease be renegotiated?

How many m² per employee do you need?

PRE-COVID :The average area per elmployee was 9,6 m²
DURING LOCKDOWN: The occupancy de-densified to an average of 19,2 m² per employee.
NEXT NORMAL: De-densification of office workers.

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