Modern Methods of Construction

MMC has been steadily rising in profile in the UK to the extent that the UK Government has now set up a taskforce to ensure increased use of MMC. This research explores a range of issues related to MMC adoption, exploring barriers and benefits, namely in the residential sector

What is MMC?

MMC stands for Modern Methods of Construction and covers a broad range of construction activity. The MHCLG Joint Industry Working Group on MMC created a definition framework for MMC which includes seven categories spanning from pre-manufacturing to process innovation. These seven categories are:

Source: Modern Methods of Construction: Introducing the MMC Definition Framework

MMC is already widely used in the UK for hotels and student accommodation, but we anticipate its uptake in the residential market is imminent

80 hours amount of time it takes to complete one 3 storey townhouse using off-site volumetric manufacturing
90% waste reduction compared with traditional on-site construction
Health and safety conditions are greatly improved in a factory environment, resulting in fewer accidents

MMC Reports

Traditional vs modular construction

A closer look

Future of housing

How technology could change the housing market

Planning policy

It’s time for the planning system to enter the digital age

Innovative examples

Developer: House by Urban Splash
Size: 98 units
Completion: 2021
Minimum EPC Rating: B

Urban Splash will manufacture 98 of the units off-site. The modular units in this development were completed in half the time it took to complete the traditionally built homes. Both designs were similar in specification and scope.

Developer: Pocket Living
Size: 89 units
Completion: 2018
Minimum EPC Rating: B

At 87 metres high, Mapleton Crescent was Europe’s tallest residential modular tower when completed in Summer 2018.

When off-site construction is used in larger, taller schemes such as Mapleton Crescent, there is a cost savings over traditional construction.

Developer: Bristol City Council, Bristol Housing Festival, ZED PODS and the YMCA
Size: 11 units
Completion: 2020
Environmental Impact: Net Zero Carbon​

Built using the ‘air rights’ over an existing Council-owed public car park to increase the supply of land and tackle the affordability of new homes

Six new electric vehicle (EV) charging points were introduced into the car park for public use