Smart decisions
are built on 
strong foundations

Today’s companies realise they must stay agile and embrace change to remain relevant – yet they face enormous challenges in making the right strategic decisions. 

At JLL Consulting, we believe that smart decisions are built on strong foundations. We’re a worldwide consultancy practice that helps organisations across all industries achieve their business, people, digital, and corporate responsibility ambitions.

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Developing a Strategy for the Future of Work

Our latest report sets out a conceptual model that encompasses four overlapping areas: the design of work itself, the workforce, the workplace, and real estate portfolios. View the report to discover how organisations can develop a strategy for work that’s fit for the future.

Why JLL consulting?

We are a worldwide consultancy practice from Real Estate foundations with a globally aligned set of core capabilities focusing on people, places and the business of Real Estate.

Global extensive advisory capability

We are a connected network across 62 countries with deep and diverse experience in how real estate, technology and people shape the world of work.

World-class intelligence and insight

As the global leader in commercial real estate, we are uniquely positioned to provide insights with one of the largest real estate databases in the world.

Powered by innovation and technology

We advise and support over 600 clients worldwide through our real estate technology portfolio which spans the entire property lifecycle and workforce experience.

Rigorous, impartial and ethical behaviours

Above all else, we value an impartial and ethical approach in everything we do.


Post-covid world:
How do employees aspire to work in the future? 

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