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Integrated facilities management

Employ technology and expertise to reduce operating costs, improve efficiencies, and deliver an experience that attracts top talent.

Performance plans

Optimize the overall costs of your real estate assets and deploy best practices in managing real estate projects, regardless of your assets. Get support through the implementation of integrated turnkey services: strategic advice, real estate commitment management and project management.

Occupancy planning

Monitor, measure, and analyze how people use space. Learn how mobility programs and unassigned seating can reduce occupancy costs, give employees flexibility, and foster collaboration.

Portfolio management

Ensure the sustainability and profitability of your commercial real estate portfolio. Whatever the type of assets you own or lease, get support specifically adapted to your specific needs and challenges: analysis of the effectiveness of your portfolio, management, deployment or rationalisation management.

Transaction management

Evaluate lease obligations and space requirements to create a flexible and productive portfolio strategy. Talk to advisors who will manage your local transactions on the ground, securing or disposing of space at the right time, on the right terms.

Lease administration

Centralize lease management to mitigate risk and comply with accounting regulations, whether for 20 leases or 20,000. See all your lease terms to reduce costs and take advantage of market changes.

Lease advisory

Make informed decisions on rent reviews, break options and lease renewals including technical interpretation, valuation, negotiation and dispute resolution. Use market based advice to leverage the terms of the lease which may include a lease re-structure to optimise business objectives cost-effectively.

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Bernard Keppenne,Head of Tenant Representation
Bernard Keppenne
Head of Tenant Representation